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Poster: Kitten69 Date: Jun 23, 2011 12:39am
Forum: artsandmusicvideos Subject: jpeg or png

I recently bought a set of books published in the 1860s with re-done steel engravings of the works of William Hogarth. I'd like to upload them but how should I do it?
There are 149 pictures. As jpg, the total size is 891mb, as PNG around 4.1gb and PSD 4.8gb. Should I compress more? Also as PNG interlaced or not?
There is text too but in flowery Victorian language which tends to obscure not clarify explanantions.

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Poster: splue Date: Jun 25, 2011 9:39am
Forum: artsandmusicvideos Subject: Re: jpeg or png

>scan pages one by one at hi quality

>if needed u can tweak in GIMP (FREE PROGRAM & can export pages with quality desired/ if doing PNGs u can set compression lvl when exporting in GIMP/ (higher number means smaller K file)/ ***recommend level 2 compression of PNGS & decheck interlaced from menu/ files will still be pretty healthy

use common free pdf software to assemble a pdf/ like hint openoffice hint------export it with lossless image quality groovy!

the Archive's magical machines will derive ur document into
various formats/ they r legendary